What kind of problems are being solved in an Enterprise Application?

And how they are solved?
For a banking application, a bank, account, customer, etc. entities are created to mimic the real world. It is the maker’s duty to simulate the business environment. Entities are the characters. And the actions need to be incorporated by this or that way. Then, users of the application will use it like puppeteers manipulate their puppets. These actions are recorded for calculation and reconciliation. System is there to precisely measure the deals, which are basically measurable human interactions for the sake of economic interchanges. And, essentially system is needed when volume of these interactions are huge. And, huge number of interactions is part of being an institution. Thats why an enterprise application is needed by institutions. So, there are two properties of institution’s actions because of which a system can mimic them and become useful. One, these actions have measurable properties. And, two, number of these actions are huge.
If it is logically expressible it can be replicated in a system. System makers’ task is to extract the necessary entities and right logic of the real world businesses, and write the code which will have the capability to mimic the actions as many times as needed
and produce the measurable effects with accuracy.
Note that, to the System makers, the job do not have any ethical color. Their job may end up helping to do something which will not in favor of the values they have, but that is always an indirect effect. Other than having this separation, the problems they solve
keeps them very busy. Among themselves, they have a competitive energy while solving these pure logical problems. Among the developers, they feel the joy of
being powerful and magical. And, they are well paid.

Like, object oriented programming, if one writing [class] talks about [deals with] more than one topic, then it is breaking a core principle. But, who cares?

Ethics is everywhere. Putting us into positions to be judged. People use it to defend themselves and attack others.

Challenge of an enterprise architect is to mimic the measurable and logical business interactions. And, for this, why transaction script is less useful for complex/bigger business problems and model driven design is more suitable? Why object oriented principles
are most suitable to mimic the business problems? Is it that, object oriented principles are most capable to capture the essential nature of business actions? Probably a philosophical investigation is necessary to justify this assumed claim.
Is it possible to identify different kinds of real world situations where, entities/identities are less important, and instead actions are the main concern [when one wants to simulate that situation] ?
Is it so that enterprise application is to serve self esteemation [to know my profit and loss] and clarification [so that I won’t be caught by the police] for an enterprise? And thats the reason why the design has to be entity-centric? To demarcate and maintain the
responsibilities of identities?
So, it is not the purpose of OOP to have the ability to capture the nature of ‘Business’ philosophically, but to serve the business practically. Here, philosophic is the synonym for better understanding and practical is the synonym for fight for existence.
Where as concepts of cohesion and coupling captures the urges to reflect the nature of identies, inheritance and polymorphism is there to maintain the categories and thus absorbing more control [from a central location?].

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